Electric & Hybrid vehicles at Harewood 2022 09 Apr 22

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Electric & Hybrid Cars at Harewood Speed Hillclimb in 2022

Motorsport UK have issued guidance to organisers of Speed events for running Electric & Hybrid Cars. At this time BARC Yorkshire, together with almost all speed event organisers, find ourselves unable to meet the mandatory safety requirements.

Motorsport UK have set up an Electrified Vehicles Working Group to further develop technical and safety regulations for these cars. We hope that the eventual outcome will enable BARC Yorkshire to comply with any suggested recommendations and safely run these cars at future Harewood events.

At this time, because of Motorsport UK’s safety requirements, we are unable to accept entries for these vehicles at any of our Hillclimb events or Driving Academy days.

Should you require further information contact Chris Seaman - compsec@harewoodhill.com